"We teach practical tools to get our students ahead in this competitive and fascinating world. "

ChamberWorks is an affordable camp that aims to produce well-rounded musicians that will one day become the future's artistic excellence. We don't pressure campers with drills or induce anxiety attacks; first-and-foremost, we work on developing an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and provide the students with the ability to seek out answers in creative and effective ways. After harbouring an appetite for music, we teach practical tools to get our students ahead in this competitive and fascinating world. We teach concepts that are left out in the standard musical curriculum because of a lack of time and resources—vital concepts to musical growth. We allow the student to explore the inner-workings of music through chamber music primarily by working in a group and problem solving together.

Within the two-week camp, students are introduced to concepts to incite interest and creative thinking. The teaching philosophy of ChamberWorks is an open and highly “questioning” atmosphere. Instead of merely giving answers and lecturing, ChamberWorks! is designed to lead the student down a path of experiential learning. 

The basic makeup of the camp is based on relating everything back to chamber music. Core learning sessions are: Discussing Music (which gets students verbalizing and questioning their thoughts whilst educating them about music history and performance practices), Ear-Training,  and Leadership in Chamber Music. Students are then allowed a choice between the following: Eliminating the Fear, Composition and Conducting. It perhaps should be said that nothing is “watered-down” for their age but is modified to be more relatable to their life experiences.

Each year the camp refreshes itself with new ideas after accessing the trends in the classical world as well as retrospectively evaluating the camp as soon as we wrap up for the year.

ChamberWorks has recently seen the following changes: 

*Play-it-Forward Concerts—ChamberWorks musicians will travel to nearby nursing homes and volunteer organizations to play for those in need. Locrian believes that in order to be well-rounded one must be charitable. 

*ChamberWorks Presents—is a concert organized by the students presenting a program completely of their choice. This will allow the students to learn how to market themselves and administer performance opportunities. 

*After-Camp Master Classes-- including Yoga for Musicians, Mask Acting, Fort Worth Symphony Viola Master Class, Business of the Business 

*Musical Pit Orchestra—select musicians will play alongside ChamberWorks faculty in a professional production of a to be announced musical during the first week of camp.


*Schoology—ChamberWorks musicians will have unprecedented access to their courses via this innovative online system. This will allow ChamberWorks to really be a twenty four-hour camp.