"The ChamberWorks Institute welcomes passionate string players, eager to learn and teaches them how to succeed in music. "

For inquisitive young musicians who want to experience an in-depth exploration of chamber music and boost their performance skills, ChamberWorks is a two-week camp that provides training from leading musicians in an experiential learning environment. ChamberWorks transforms Garland, Texas into a microcosm arts district so that the students learn from immersion and hands-on opportunities. Faculty and students join forces side-by-side in professional productions, philanthropy projects and other ventures. ChamberWorks aims to provide its participants with practical tools to cut their teeth into the competitive and fascinating world of music through a unique, wide-ranging, and contemporary curriculum.

After attending ChamberWorks participants have gone on to win top honours in orchestras and competitions such as: Performing Arts Endorsement Candidates, Texas All-State Solo and Ensemble, Solo and Ensemble Competition winners, leading All-Region Orchestra, winning Honours Orchestra auditions, being the only 6th grader to be admitted to Austin Academy Honors Orchestra, etc. Parents and teachers have written thank-you letters to ChamberWorks stating their children have become more “passionate and driven” since leaving.