ChamberWorks Tuition:

$300 (including non-refundable $50 security deposit) 

*If there is damage to church or ChamberWorks property, music or originals are not returned to the library in good condition, ChamberWorks will issue an invoice to the parents. Students and/or parents will be held liable for any damage. A $50 fee will be charged for any lost or damaged music originals. 



To apply for the scholarship simply fill out the standard application. Select "YES" when asked if you'd like to be considered for financial aid, then follow the prompts.

ChamberWorks believes in providing education to any student who is passionate and willing to learn. With that philosophy, we offer a range of scholarships for the exceptional student with exceptional circumstances. We have never turned a student away for financial reasons.


If you have any questions about the scholarships, please e-mail admissions@chamberworks.info or call 214-668-9791.